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Drama Strings

Drama Strings

$9.00 USD


Dramatic royalty free music with a cinematic mood made of staccato strings and heavy drums.

Our selection of royalty free music is exclusively chosen based on its ability to awaken the right emotions with your audience. 

Tips for choosing the right music for your project

  1. Think about which feeling you want your audience to experience when engaging with your media. Pick some music that awakens these feelings!
  2. Be bold - do not pick something too boring! Find the right balance between music that awakes the right emotions without stealing all the attention.

Do I need the Standard or Premium license?

✓ Standard License: Covers any non-broadcast media including Podcasts, Corporate videos, Youtube, Vimeo, Local Radio and Social Media projects in perpetuity.

✓ Premium License: Covers the above plus broadcast advertising, motion pictures and national and international TV programs in perpetuity.

In doubt? Read all about our license agreements here. 



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