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What File format will i receive after purchase?

After payment you will be able to download a .zip file which contains the following two files:

  1. MP3 (.mp3) Stereo, bit-rate: 320 kbps
  2. Wave (.wav) High quality stereo, 24 bit resolution, 44100 sample rate

When previewing music on you hear compressed MP3 quality.

Will the "" voiceover be present after I purchase?

No. The voiceover is only present when you preview music. The voiceover ensures that people cannot simply use the music without purchasing. After purchasing you will be able to download a file containing a clean song in both .MP3 and .Wav format.

What is Royalty-Free music?

Royalty free music is the easiest way to buy music for any type of media project, podcast or commercial. Music on is royalty-free. After paying a one-time fee, you can use the music as many times as you want, for ever, in accordance with the license that you purchase (standard or premium). Besides the one-time fee you never have to pay for using the specific piece of music again. See under License and copyright information for more info. 

Royalty-free is NOT the same as copyright free! In other words, the original author still owns the copyright (or a 3rd party such as a record label). As a customer on, you merely buy a license to use the music.

Please note that the licenses do not include public performance rights. Please contact your local Performance Rights Organization (PRO) if you do not know if your project falls under the scope of public performance.

How can I use the music I license from

It depends on wether you have the standard or premium license. Please see our license information for further info. If you are unsure of which license is right for your needs, simply contact us.

Are there any restrictions on how I can use music bought on

Yes, there are restrictions which are outlined in our License and copyright information page. 

Can i make a song over SoundViva music and publish it?

NO, but if you are interested in using one of our productions for publishing, please reach out and we will discuss the specific proposal.

The music on is licensed for synchronisation to media productions such as videos, podcasts, websites, DVD's films, games, TV broadcast and radio as background or signature/logo music.

Can i use the music for podcasts?

Oh yes indeed! That's one of our most popular use cases.


Can i use the music for guided meditation, hypnotherapy or for audiobooks?

Yes indeed. But please make sure to purchase the correct license, as revenue generating projects will often require a premium license.

How fast do I receive the music after paying?

Right away! When your payment has been confirmed you will see a download link on your screen. Simply click the download link and you have the music. You will also receive an email containing the download link, as well as your license agreement. 

If you have not receives an email with  download instructions, please check your "Junk" or "Spam" folder.

Will I own the music I buy on

Afraid not! When you buy music on, you buy a license to use the music but the copyright (the actual ownership) remains with the author or composer. 


Can I return the music file and get a refund?

No. When you have purchased and downloaded your music file, will not offer refunds. If an error has occurred we will of course correct this. In that case, please contact us.