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Top tips to grow your podcasts with music!

Top tips to grow your podcasts with music!

How do I get my audience engaged in my podcast? This might be a question that you are asking yourself as you explore strategies to boost your listeners' experience and capture your potential audience. If you really think back to the first podcast that you actually listened for more than 30 seconds and I am sure you would agree that one of the key things that stood for you was the intro.  A key element of the intro is the music.


Create a killer podcast intro with music

The intro for your podcast says a lot to your listeners about you, your personality and really what they can expect from the podcast. The music used in your podcast helps to gauge the attention of your audience and sets the mood for the topic of discussion. I have found that I am more connected to the podcasts that have intros that integrate genres of music that I like. 

But I have also found that those first few seconds of the introduction before the person speaks is a deal breaker. This is the moment where the listeners decide to listen for a bit longer or skips to the next podcast never to return. With so many avenues on the internet that can entice a listener, ensuring you create a great first impression can lead to a lifetime listener of your podcast. 

Why music matters to your listeners?

Music is a power tool that helps to stimulate the mind, captures the attention of your audience and can assist in helping to set the mood for your podcast. With over 90% of internet users also being active music listeners, having the right music in your podcast can enhance the professionalism and sound of the podcast. The genre of music that you integrate into your podcast should enhance the overall listeners’ experience. 

There are several genres of music to choose from including rhythms and blues, reggae, rap, hip hop, techno all of which have their own musical branches and can be found at Sound Viva. The key to selecting great podcast music is at the heart of knowing who your unique viewers are and what would make their ideal listeners experience phenomenal. 

Keep the attention and grow retention with great music.

Now that you have made that great first impression and they listened to your podcast, how do you keep them? There is no simple answer to this question, but it all lies in the art of creativity. If you think about it, even your favorite song changes from time to time. It not that you like it any less, just that you have found another that appeals better to your current state of mind. Similarly, with your podcast, the music selection should be strategic, creative and focused on appealing to the emotional state of your viewers. Once you have reached the hearts of your viewers, I can guarantee it will be harder to lose them. Having great music integrated with great quality content are the two vital elements of any successful podcast.